Morta Oyster Knife

No, no and no! You don’t have to wait for Christmas to share some oysters with friends.

However, whatever the moment, the chore of opening our beloved marine bivalve mollusks becomes an aesthetic moment when the task is performed with a beautiful utensil like the Morta knife and accompanied by a glass of wine.

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To avoid damaging your new iodine drink companion, a steel bolster protects your handle in case of an unfortunate move. The handle is protected, not the hand, so be careful anyway !

Thanks to Laurent (restaurant Le Billot in La Baule) for his epicurean advice :

Oysters are often eaten with a little shallot vinegar or lemon juice and a glass of white wine. But did you know that with a peated whisky, the mix of flavors is quite exceptional ? The iodine becomes explosive and the peat gains in roundness.

Bon appétit !

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Morta Oyster Knife