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Faut pas rever Couteaux Morta

Faut Pas Rêver | Entre Loire et Morta

On Wednesday, 3 November 2021, while viewers awaited a report on the Pays de la Loire region, they were greeted by a mechanical elephant with impressive trumpeting. Wow! What a surprise!

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Les tresors caches des marais

France 5 | The hidden treasures of the marshes

Shortly after the opening of a new cutlery workshop, the director Bruno Sevaistre came to Brière to follow our little team and meet Morta. Extraction, drying, making the knives. The result was a lovely documentary ...

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Silence ca pousse

France 5 | Silence ça pousse !

Participation in the Silence ça pousse! programme on France 5. When we told the film crew that to follow us on a “Morta extraction” expedition, we had to leave the workshop at 6.30 a.m., they ...

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Ils sont les Pays de la Loire

France 3 | Ils sont Les Pays de la Loire

Ils sont les Pays de la Loire France 3. Portrait directed by Camille Pitron This was a new experience for us. Firstly, because for the purposes of the shoot, we agreed to set off on ...

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Grand reportage

TF1 | Reportages Découverte

Participation in Reportages Découverte TF1. Directed by Laura Chemouny. This documentary is very special, inasmuch as a scheduling coincidence allowed the TF1 crew to accompany us into the marshes for a Morta extraction (admittedly), but ...

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100 lieux a voir

France 5 | 100 lieux qu’il faut voir

Participation in the programme “Les 100 lieux qu’il faut voir”. Directed by Chloé Chovin. The director was interested in our region, among her local discoveries she wanted to do a close-up on Morta, its extraction ...

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