Our history


1, June 2009

An adventure begins

In Brière

After 6 years of making knives in his 9m² “micro-workshop” (a garden shed to be exact), Jean-Henri discovered the existence of Morta while reading a book (La Brière by Chateaubriand). It is at this moment that the idea of a production of handmade knives made from this incredible wood 5 times millenniums old begins to germinate.

18, October 2009

Creation of the Morta brand

The swamp oak

The brand is registered at the INPI.


1, July 2010

The workshop is growing

the ultimate in luxury

After a year of work, the workshop has grown from 9 to 15m²!


17, October 2013

First documentary on ARTE

Incredible satisfaction

Arte is interested in Morta knives and broadcasts a superb documentary in its program “Douces Frances”.


13, October 2015

A second documentary on TF1

A small giant step

TFI takes over with its program “Documentary”. Since then, we have had the great honor of attracting the interest of many media.


11, October 2018

The workshop is moving

But not very far!

Decidedly too small, the workshop moved to the other side of the street. With a space of 100m², it is now possible to call on the first employee.


3, October 2019

The nature

respect it to better protect it

The workshop was awarded the “Valeurs Parc” label. The Regional Natural Park believes that we are “committed together to the respect of nature, the development of man and the local economy”.


13, October 2021

First competition

Stars & métiers

Jean-Henri (JHP) was named Artisan of the Year in the “Stars & métiers” competition organized by the Chambers of Trade and the Banque Populaire networks.

The same year, he became a Master craftsman.


13, November 2022

Ultimate Trophy

Since it comes directly from the customers

The public prize rewards the JHP workshop among 845 exhibitors at the Made In France show in Paris.


6, June 2023

Morta Knives at the National Assembly !

Pride in craftmanship

Morta knives are extremely honored.

We were invited to present our work at the French National Assembly as part of Craft Week.

The public’s enthusiasm for our story and that of our knives was incredible.

Many thanks to Yaël BRAUN-PIVET and Joël FOURNY for this wonderful event.

A limitless ambition

for our Morta knives

With 9 full-time employees, the plan to move (again) is more than ever in the works. It will give us the opportunity to centralize the manufacture of Morta knives, the reception of visitors, but also the storage of Morta and the workshop for cutting it. But that’s another story that is being written and that you will hear about very soon.