100 lieux a voir

Participation in the programme “Les 100 lieux qu’il faut voir”. Directed by Chloé Chovin.

The director was interested in our region, among her local discoveries she wanted to do a close-up on Morta, its extraction and the manufacture of the knives. The report was punctuated by interventions from Charlotte, a tourism student, who asked questions with a fresh eye and unbounded curiosity. 🙂

“You love France, you like travelling around, discovering it …

You even have the impression you know it well…

We all have a beach, a hamlet or a path that belongs just to us and that we only want to share with our loved ones.

That is the France that we want to explore through 100 places that you absolutely must see in your lifetime.”

Morgane production for France 5

Duration: 6 minutes.