Saison Extraction du Morta 2021 14

September 2021, this is the Morta extraction season: we take you aboard our Land Rover into the heart of the Brière marshes in search of the precious raw materials from which the handles of your Morta knives are made…
On board for the photo album of our extraction season 2021!


It is 7 a.m. We leave at daybreak to avoid the overwhelming autumn heat that would render our extraction mission even more difficult.

Saison Extraction du Morta 2021 1

This year, the two Land Rovers have been revised and pampered because we are going to ask a lot of them !

Saison Extraction du Morta 2021 2


We finally arrived at the extraction site. How do we know that this is a good place for this activity? We do not know. It is by probing it that this part of the Briere will reveal to us if it wants to give us a little of its treasure.

Saison Extraction du Morta 2021 10

To know where to dig, you have to probe!

It turns out that after a good moment of digging, the probe indicates that a trunk of Morta is probably hidden there. Under our feet ! We must now dig…

Saison Extraction du Morta 2021 3

After probing, dig now!

We start with several people. We motivate and encourage each other. It must be said that the work is hard! But the surprise effect remains intact. As long as we have not taken out the trunk, it is impossible to know if it will be thick, dense and of good quality.

Saison Extraction du Morta 2021 12

The task is difficult, we dig in team

A little kiss from Rio gives a little courage 🙂

Saison Extraction du Morta 2021 4
Rio as a backup

Mathieu is the last to arrive at the workshop, but fortunately, he already knew the extraction event for having participated last year. This is no reason to spare his efforts 😊

Saison Extraction du Morta 2021 5
Mathieu in action

So Aymeric ? A little bit of slack ? 😉

Saison Extraction du Morta 2021 6
Aymeric takes a (short) break


Once the trunk is free, passing the strap under the beast is a very complicated task. For this outing, it is Galaad who does it! Normal, he has just started his apprenticeship contract. During this time, we make fun of his intimate approach with the material and we encourage him !

Saison Extraction du Morta 2021 9
Galaad at work

Installation of the goat: the indispensable tool to proceed to the extraction of the Morta by hoisting it out of the ground.

Saison Extraction du Morta 2021 8
Installation of the goat

It must then be cut into 2 meter segments. Smaller, these trunks will be easier to handle when loading in the Land Rover.

Saison Extraction du Morta 2021 7
Cutting of the Morta trunk


End of the day. Everybody is exhausted but happy. In the bucket of the 4X4, our precious treasure. It will take 20 trunks like this one to ensure one year of cutlery production.

And on the trunk, our faithful companion. He has grown up nicely and now has a sharper look and silky hair. And next to him is Rio 😀

Saison Extraction du Morta 2021 13
Alexandre, Rio and Morta in the Land Rover

The Morta 2021 extraction season – Photographer : Erwan Balança – Copyright Atelier JHP – Morta knives

equipe Morta
The Morta Knives extraction team