Morta Knife Lock Back Damas

The Morta Lock Back knife combines elegance and durability with its stainless Damascus steel blade and secure locking mechanism. Compact and refined, it is perfect for all your adventures.



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Make your knife unique with a custom engraving. You have the option to add an inscription to your knife, whether it be a name, a date, or a special message. This option is offered and allows you to make your Morta knife a truly unique and personal item.


Detailed description


The Morta Backlock knife has quickly become a star in our workshop’s lineup. After numerous requests from our clients, it was only natural to present it with a Damascus blade.

Compact Design and Locking Mechanism

With its compact size, it fits easily into any pocket. Its folded steel body provides excellent durability in use.

The backlock mechanism makes this Morta knife a reliable companion for all adventures, including culinary explorations.

Its exquisite stainless Damascus steel blade, forged by Marcus Balbach and revealed at the workshop, is composed of N690 steel and DE 45ncd16 folded over 120 layers for a hardness of 61 HRC. As you can see, the blade is not only beautiful but also exceptionally functional.

Blade Quality and Aesthetic Design

The blade rotation is ensured by a 304L steel axis, and two Teflon washers make the movement smooth and pleasant. The blade closes without any special precautions because a fixed stop prevents the edge from coming into contact with the mechanism hidden at the bottom of the handle.

Its aesthetic approach is contemporary with minimalist curves, yet delightfully retro with its bronzed steel body reminiscent of antique weapons, and the prominently visible backlock.

The Damascus steel chosen for this model offers a hardness of 61 HRC for an exceptional cutting edge. This remarkable blade with exceptional properties will not go unnoticed.

Brand Characteristics

Of course, despite the radical evolution of this model in the range of Morta folding knives, it retains the brand’s aesthetic codes: brass lanyard hole, blade fixation with brass rosettes, handle covered in Morta, and generously sized blade.

Customization Options and Clip Sheath

Engraving on the backlock button is offered, allowing you to add a personal and discreet touch to your knife. You can also choose to customize the spring inside the knife for subtle personalization that makes this Morta YOUR Morta.

As for the clip sheath, it is available as a paid option at €40 in its black stitched version and in the size adapted to this knife. This versatile sheath allows you to carry your knife safely, in a pocket or bag, thanks to the clip on the back.

Over time, this Morta will prove to be an ideal companion for all uses.

Any questions?

Can we visit the workshop ?

Yes. We gladly welcome you from Monday through Saturday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. in September to June and to 7 p.m. in July and August.
You will discover our unfiltered work environment: noise, dust and good spirits. Nothing is staged or orchestrated. One of us will give you a presentation of the material, the extraction techniques and the different product models here.

What are the differences between the steels ?

  • The stainless steel is cut in Thiers at one of our partners. It is a steel (Sandvik 14c28n) of very good quality with a remarkable cutting edge and a tried and tested cutting ability.
  • As-forged steel (the famous carbon steel 90mcv8) is hand-forged. It is an excellent steel that has a good track record. As it is a carbon filled steel, the blade will acquire a patina over time. If it is not cleaned after use on food for instance, it will rust on the surface. These blades are often intended for people who like steels that bear the marks of time and usage and require a minimum of care.
  • The Damascus blades are made from two different steels, RWL34 and PMC27. These steels are obtained by spring steel metallurgy, which after the revelation process produces random patterns for the nicest effect. This Damascus steel cuts well and the blades are stainless. No particular precaution is required.

How do i sharpen my Morta knife ?

Ideally you should use a sharpening stone, but you can also use a whetstone or any other technique with which you are familiar. To help you, we recorded a short demonstration video on sharpening.


In all likelihood this is a Morta knife as forged. As stated above in our care instructions, the blade is not in stainless steel. It is actually a carbon steel forged by traditional methods, so the blade will acquire a patina over time. If it is not cleaned after use on food for instance, it will rust on the surface.
To remove the excess oxidization, you can clean the marks with a bit of 000 steel wool and some toothpaste. Your blade will quickly look as new again, with fresh breath too! 😉
However, after further use, the blade will once again take on a brown colour to nicest effect that will develop as you continue using your Morta.



Further information

Size Open :
21,8 cm
Size Folded :
12,1 cm
Blade size :
9,6 cm
Cutting edge :
9 cm
Weight :
105 grams