Vue détaillée d'un manche de couteau avec une série de gravures complexes représentant un voyage d'un éléphant à une camionnette, reflétant une histoire ou des intérêts personnels gravés directement sur la surface du manche.

Tears of happiness or shouts of joy, which emotion do you prefer to evoke? Perhaps just a hint of nostalgia. Feeling the precious wood handle fit into the palm, the blade smoothly slicing through a loaf of bread: these are two small joys that delight aficionados of fine knives. Will you enhance the pleasure experience by choosing a personalized knife? Suddenly, your gift transforms into a keepsake, a memory. It sends a message. Engraving a knife transports the recipient into an emotional and symbolic dimension. Each use warms their heart with your intention. However, various options are available to you. Font, pictogram, type of engraving—the journey into the world of engraved cutlery is just beginning. After you, friends.

Why engrave a knife?

The emotional value

What value do we assign to an object: that of the heart or that of the wallet? When it comes to gifts, emotion always prevails. Every mom has received that magnificent noodle necklace, every dad, that famous handmade calendar. So what? Engraving a knife or any other object adds a soul to it. Engraving a name, a nickname, or a few words transforms your gift into a messenger.

Every time its owner reads the engraving, they think of the person who gave it to them. They recall moments of joy, sadness, and camaraderie. A smile, a touch of nostalgia, a surge of happiness: the engraved knife takes on a symbolic character.

The personal touch

An engraved knife becomes unique. This folding knife, a companion in travel and misfortune, is irreplaceable. It’s yours, period. After all, it bears your name, isn’t that proof enough 😉? The engraving gives the object its specific character. There are knives, and then there is your knife.

Close-up of a knife blade, finely engraved with the name "Jean-Francois" and a pictogram of a fish, embodying a personalized touch from Morta Knives.

The effort invested in customization proves the significant place the recipient holds in the giver’s heart.

The connection between two beings, dear to each other. A knife marked with your wedding date brings you back to that unique moment of happiness every time you pull out the cutting board.

It also takes you back to the moment you unwrapped your gift and imagined your significant other thinking about the best marking possible.

All these emotions are as permanently inscribed in the blade as the engraving itself.

And if you’re buying this knife for your personal use, isn’t it still a gift? You’re right, life is too short to hesitate any longer.

The sense of belonging

Why do companies engrave their logo on goodies? To foster the necessary sense of belonging among employees. To give the brand a strong identity. Owning your engraved knife is joining the large family of enthusiasts of artisanal objects. Unfolding its blade marked with your name in front of friends during a hike affirms your unique bond with the object.

“I’m a knife enthusiast, a lover of beautiful blades, and a fan of traditional craftsmanship.”

That’s what the few letters or the pictogram say. In a sign, you confirm the sharing of values and declare your pride in being part of the group of enthusiasts.

The sense of belonging gives meaning to the world around us, helping us to find our place. Boris Cyrulnik, author and psychologist, says, “To belong to no one is to become no one.” This is precisely why the committed consumer buys French, in a short circuit.

How to choose the knife to personalize?

We will answer this question with three more questions. Yes, we like to split hairs; we’re not knife makers for nothing.

  1. What is the recipient’s personality? Are they the type to go on a trek alone for several days or, on the contrary, are they more of a homebody? The former appreciate folding knives, while the latter will find a perfect place for their fixed blades.
  2. What are the recipient’s habits and profession? A butcher expects a meat knife, a lover of dinner parties prefers table knives, a jack-of-all-trades likes versatile knives, a fishmonger… You get the logic.
  3. Do you want a personalized knife for a man or a woman? Although this criterion does not change the choice of knife, it does influence the engraving. You’ll dare a more glamorous message, a finer pictogram. Again, the choice reflects the character of the lady concerned.

But ultimately, all knives can be engraved. Whether on the blade for stainless steel models or on the tang for Damascus and Raw Forged models. Then, whether it’s a fixed or folding knife, for cooking or dining, it doesn’t matter. The engraving adapts to all knives. Here are some examples of creations we engrave at Morta Knives:

🔪 Folding knives: rear pump knife, mini solid Morta, solid Morta, raw forged solid Morta, Damascus solid Morta;

🔪 Fixed knives: paring knives, Damascus chef’s knife, stainless steel chef’s knife, raw forged chef’s knife; compact fixed knife, Morta Trapper knife;

🔪 Table knives: sets of 2 or 6 Morta table knives.

The Trapper model is particularly suited to personalization. A wanderer at heart, this knife accompanies you on all your adventures. This is evidenced by Erwan Balança, a professional photographer inseparable from his Morta knife.

What types of knives to engrave?

Choosing a knife for its use

The engraving corresponds to an intention. To please, to make unique, to preserve a memory, etc. Therefore, the real use of the knife is secondary to choosing the knife that truly pleases. The knife family is very broad, covering several professions and accommodating numerous uses.

🔪 Professional knives: skinning knife, boning knife, bleeding knife, filleting knife, trimming knife, carving knife, slicing knife, peeling knife, scaling knife, oyster knife, sea urchin cutter, Japanese knife, sushi knife, etc.

🔪 Specific knives: meat knife, steak knife, vegetable knife, bread knife.

🔪 Table knives: fish knife, cheese knife, spreading knife, dessert knife.

🔪 Versatile knives: pocket knife, folding knife.

🔪 Artisanal knives made in France: adding a personalized engraving strengthens the already robust character of a product imbued with local heritage.

Which blade to engrave?

What knives to engrave? All of them! As mentioned earlier.

Straight blades, curved blades, wide blades, thin blades, forked blades, curved blades, serrated blades, perforated blades, asymmetrical blades, toothed blades, tapered blades. It doesn’t matter since the letters or the pictogram are placed on the upper part, closest to the handle, therefore the widest.

However, the length of the blade influences your choice of engraving.

3 signs, effective and elegant in simplicity: short engraving

Do you like models with rather short blades? Perfect! Folding knives (Raw Forged or Damascus) are ideal for a quick and direct message. 3 digits or 3 letters on the tang (back of the handle, opposite the tip of the blade).

Need more? Contact our cutler.

16 signs for a perfect balance: long engraving

Falling for a stainless steel blade? Wise choice! You then have enough space to choose up to 16 characters. “The maximum length for a harmony of spaces,” our cutler tells us.

The techniques for engraving a knife

The different engraving techniques

To engrave means to draw in hollow. Originally, cutlers used biting tools or acid. Nowadays, various processes exist: electrolysis, with a dry point, a chisel, a cradle, a scraper, a punch, a laser, or a diamond.

Some blacksmiths engrave before quenching (in the case of hot forging), others prefer after (cold forging).

Did you know 🤔?

Damascening is an ancient technique. It involved inlaying gold, copper, or brass wires into a steel or Damascus object (hence its name). Highly prized for decorating tools and weapons like swords, armors, or helmets. We find damascening in the Middle Ages on bronze.

Our advice 😉

Some cutlery websites explain how to engrave your knife yourself, especially by electrolysis. We cannot recommend such practices. They prove dangerous due to the use of electricity and toxic fumes.

Moreover, only the craftsman knows if the steel is really suitable for a possible engraving. For your knife, nothing guarantees the balance of materials, the coherence of details when the engraving is done by a non-professional.

How does Morta cutler engrave its knives?

Morta knives made in France are already gems in their own right. Laser technology combines with artisanal work for a precise rendering of your chosen text. Here’s how a Morta knife becomes your unique and distinguishable Morta knife among thousands.

Accessing it is simple. The online store offers a “personalization” button for knife models suitable for engraving. All you have to do is enter:

Click on the “validate engraving” button, and voilà, you can visualize your personalized knife.

Screenshot of a knife personalization interface, offering options for engraving text, selecting font style and placing a pictogram, all designed to visualize and confirm the personalized engraving before proceeding with the order.

The engraving of the JHP logo

Like any high-end craftsman, Morta cutlery marks its creations. Each steel has its engraving technique for a perfect visual balance and a few other small details that our cutler jealously guards.

Thus, the JHP workshop’s logo is stamped on all blades.

It is cold-stamped before quenching except:

What engraving to choose? Options at Couteaux Morta

Fonts: 5 typographies to choose from

True to its rock’n’roll culture, Morta Knives offers 5 different fonts to best match the personality of the future owner.

An elegant knife blade featuring precisely executed custom engraving of iconic names, enhancing the blade's surface with personal or commemorative meaning.

Which will you choose? Or rather, which best reflects the character of the lucky recipient?


Be warned, friends, we delve deeper into the world of original creation. These are not just simple pictograms offered to you. This is an exclusive collection designed by the artist and friend of the JHP cutlery, Nicolas Peyron! This Peyron navigates in the painting universe where each work questions the duality of the world. A wave of symbolism rides on blades adorned with his mini works of art.

Several worlds for your selection: animals, the chopper, hearts, freemasons, music (of course), vehicles, skulls, and the icing on the cake: the “extraction of Morta” models.

Popular engraving ideas

Here, everything is permitted. It’s a peak, a cape, what am I saying, it’s a peninsula of subjects at your disposal.

🔪 For the lover: “I love you”; “with love”; your name; a significant date for your couple; your personal declaration.

🔪 For the child: “happy father’s day”; “happy mother’s day”; “happy birthday”;

🔪 For the friend: “my buddy”; “hunting memory”; “fishing memory”;

🔪 For the grateful: “thank you”;

🔪 For the cooking fan: “chef + name”;

🔪 For the nostalgic: an anniversary date; a commemoration;

🔪 For the dreamer: an inspiring quote. Want ours? “Don’t walk where others trample.”

🔪 For the business owner: the name of their company (if the knife is a promotional item);

🔪 For the animal lover: the pet’s name;

🔪 For the sycophant: “to my revered boss 😉”;

🔪 For the original: ah, sorry, if it’s original, then it comes from you…

Significant dates mark the beginning of a sharp life together. Messages of love sharpen the relationship. For the rest, the secret is in the blade.

One last for a sharpened adventure: “to the best dad in the world”: oops, too long. Dads can rest easy 😉

Who should you give a personalized knife to?

The knife is a traditional object often passed down from generation to generation. If the grandfather’s knife and the communion knife are famous, other people love to own their personalized blade.

As we’ve seen, every profession has its favorite knives (butcher’s knife, vegetable knife, cheesemonger’s knife, etc.).

What price to engrave a knife?

Each cutler determines the price of engraving. Some houses charge 6 €, others 39.50 €, or even more.

🎁 At Morta Knives, engraving is offered to you. Yes, it’s our pleasure! Our delivery times depend on the current demand. Count a few days, 1 week maximum (except during holiday periods).

Don’t hesitate to send us an email if you have specific questions or unusual needs.

How to maintain an engraved knife?

The fact that your knife is engraved does not change the way you maintain it. We recommend using a soft, damp cloth especially on blades that are not made of stainless steel. Clean your blade with a little water and dry it thoroughly.

A folding knife with a black and blue Damascus steel blade, matte black handle and complementary whetstone, presented alongside its rustic packaging box.

Moreover, the Morta used for the handle has already spent 5,000 years in wet peat and now prefers to stay dry. Understandably so!

Always cut on a cutting board to avoid dulling the blade.

Sharpen it regularly with a natural stone or a honing steel to maintain its optimal edge.

Store your knives in a dry place, away from light. A knife block or a magnetic knife holder is suitable for fixed and kitchen models.

The sheath for fixed knives is perfect for storing them individually.

For folding knives, choose a sheath or a pouch.

😉 Smart tip: personalize the color of the stitching (blue or black).

The worlds of engraving and cutlery no longer hold any secrets for you. All that’s left is to head to the shop, prepare your finest quill, test a font, and place an order! Offering an engraved knife personalizes the cutting experience, making it unique, identifiable, and memorable. A bit of emotion in this rough world, what do you say, friends 😉?

Article written and engraved by the sharp blade of Christelle Lorant 🪶.

FAQ – Summary of the Article

  • What emotion are we trying to evoke by offering an engraved knife?

    The gift of an engraved knife is an intimate and personal gesture, designed to evoke a lasting emotion of joy, nostalgia or gratitude. Personalizing a knife with engraving gives the gift a unique character, capable of evoking a memory or celebrating a special moment every time the recipient uses it.

    Whether engraved with a first name, a date or a message, each engraved knife becomes a vehicle for shared emotions and stories.

  • What customization options are available for knife engraving?

    Personalizing a knife through engraving offers a multitude of options, including not only the choice between various fonts and pictograms, but also the engraving technique itself, which is done by laser.

    This personalization can be applied to different parts of the knife, such as the blade or the handle, enabling the gift to be perfectly tailored to its recipient.

    With these options, you can create a personalized knife that precisely reflects the message or emotion you wish to convey.

  • How do I choose the type of knife to personalize?

    The choice of a knife to personalize should take into account the character, tastes and needs of the recipient. For example, a pocket or folding knife might suit a lover of outdoor adventures, while a specialized kitchen knife might appeal to a gastronomy enthusiast.

    Personalization should therefore align with the knife’s intended use, whether as an everyday tool or a collector’s item, offering a gift that is both practical and imbued with personal significance.

  • What are the technical considerations for knife engraving?

    Engraving techniques, such as laser engraving, make it possible to achieve fine, lasting detail on almost any type of blade, whether stainless steel, Damascus or other.

    The length and style of the blade influences the design of the engraving, where a longer blade offers more space for more extensive text or a complex pattern.

    It is essential to consult a professional to determine the best method of engraving to preserve the quality and aesthetics of the knife.

  • How to care for an engraved knife

    Caring for an engraved knife is not very different from caring for a knife without engraving. It should be cleaned with care, using a soft cloth and avoiding prolonged exposure to moisture, especially for handles made of sensitive materials such as Morta wood.

    The blade should be sharpened regularly to maintain its optimum cutting edge, using a whetstone or rifle suited to the blade’s steel type.

  • How do you determine the ideal message or motif for engraving on a knife?

    Choosing the text or motif to engrave on a knife requires careful thought about the message you wish to convey and the personality of the recipient. Whether you want to engrave a first name, a special date, or a personal message, each knife engraving makes the gift exceptionally relevant.

    For the motifs, think of the recipient’s interests: a logo, an animal, or any other symbol that’s dear to them.

    Personalization goes beyond mere aesthetics; it aims to create a strong emotional bond, making the personalized knife a priceless gift.

  • What are the specific advantages of laser engraving on knives?

    Laser engraving offers unrivalled precision and finesse for knife personalization, ideal for creating intricate details on the blade or handle. This technique can be used to durably engrave hard materials such as stainless steel, guaranteeing that the text or motif will remain visible and intact over time.

    Opting for laser engraving on a kitchen knife or pocket knife not only ensures aesthetic personalization, but also remarkable resistance to wear, making each engraved knife an original, long-lasting gift.


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