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365 days in 2m45s

A Rock 'n roll year has come to an end and a new page will be written with you. Thank you for your support. We wish you all the best for 2023.

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Faut pas rever Couteaux Morta

Faut Pas Rêver | Entre Loire et Morta

On Wednesday, 3 November 2021, while viewers awaited a report on the Pays de la Loire region, they were greeted by a mechanical elephant with impressive trumpeting. Wow! What a surprise!

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Ivoire de Mammouth Couteaux Morta

Mammoth ivory | When White Gold and Black Gold …

Ice ivory or white gold, mammoth ivory with its pearly white colour abounds in both historical secrets and beauty. The permafrost releases these fossilized pachyderms, which disappeared 10,000 ago, from their sarcophagus of ice. Once ...

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couteaux mortas balanca 071021 37

Mobile saw and Morta | Yet another blade story

It is daybreak when the 4×4 Defender arrives on site. What site? The Brière marshes, obviously! An ancient forest, now converted to a vault. Habitually the Atelier JHP team probes, digs, removes top soil and ...

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Saison Extraction du Morta 2021 14

The Morta extraction season 2021

September 2021, this is the Morta extraction season: we take you aboard our Land Rover into the heart of the Brière marshes in search of the precious raw materials from which the handles of your ...

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