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Personalizing an object means making it unique. It gives it sentimental value, offering an emotion and immortalizing a memory. At Couteaux Morta, our handmade knives combine two worlds: cutlery and the Brière region. Choices in steel and handle materials add to the nobility of Morta, a local wood. But we don’t stop there. Now, we integrate art into our creations. For this, painter Nicolas Peyron has designed an exclusive collection of engravings for a truly unique personalized artisan knife. Bringing together graphics and artisanal cutlery? Nicolas has the art, we have the skill.

Engraved knife: the art of personalization

The artistic approach of Nicolas Peyron

Nicolas Peyron’s artistic work focuses on the eternal duality of our world. In his paintings, he loves to mix and layer genres. He handles realism and symbolism with humor. He plays with contrasts to achieve balance. And at Couteaux Morta, we love that!

We thought our loyal customers would appreciate the artist’s engravings.


Because the artist’s work reflects the duality of our knives:

Knives or works of art?

So, we asked our local friend from La Baule (when you love local, you don’t count) to imagine designs to personalize our knives. On the handle or the blade, his creation, translated into a pictogram, transforms your knife into a unique model.

Our graphic designer digitizes his sketches to make them usable for laser engraving.

So yes, our personalized artisan knives are absolutely inimitable. These are true micro works of art that Nicolas Peyron offers us.

Hunters, fishers, bikers, sentimentalists, Morta fans, all knife lovers find a symbol that suits them.

A diverse choice of figures

Anchor, duck, magic square, majestic deer, chopper, heart, sublime hearts, Morta extraction, freemason, infinity, wolf, music, ocean liner, pin-up, fish, Porsche, shark, rose, skull. Everyone finds their passion in an emblem.

I want to get a personalized knife.

You had engraved knives, customizable knives, now Couteaux Morta presents Your unique knife that reveals your story. The one that gives you chills as soon as it fits in your hand.

Discover the universe of Nicolas Peyron.

The personalized artisan knife: the options

Like many everyday objects, the artisan knife stands out from mass-produced models.

So, imagine this treasure of personalized craftsmanship!

On the blade: a name, a first name, a word, ultimately a symbol. One that represents your connection to the future owner of the knife.

🙊 Don’t tell anyone, but the engraving “my dad” comes up often.

Personalized, but in what form? At Couteaux Morta, we offer many options.

🔪 The font: Charlie, Ronnie, Keith, Mick, or Brian.

🔪 The addition of a pictogram designed from Nicolas Peyron’s works.

🔪 The placement of this pictogram (left or top).

🔪 The inlay of mammoth ivory on the handle (except for table knives, stainless steel kitchen knives, and the trapper model).

🔪 The insertion of a blue vulcanized fiber trim on the handle (on the Brut de forge and Damascus ranges, as well as on table and kitchen knives).

Depending on the collections, the blades are raw forged, stainless steel, or Damascus steel.

Art (like the devil) is in the details. Sheaths and cases for fixed or folding knives are also customizable. Blue or black stitching, traditional or peppy, as you like!

Start personalizing your knife

Artisanal cutlery: an extraordinary product

Craftsmanship: expertise at the service of creation and beauty. The combination of noble materials, cutlery expertise, and love for the finished product.

The cutler makes it with high-quality materials, by hand or using traditional, sometimes ancestral, methods. They offer a design that is their own. They provide ergonomics and perfect balance. The knife’s sharpness is a particular point of attention. Far from consumerism, artisanal knives are designed to last.

Beyond expertise, an artisanal knife carries a heritage. At Couteaux Morta, our products reveal a whole story. A historical heritage 5,000 years old.

5,000 years of history in your pocket, what do you think?

Why personalize a knife?

Giving a personalized gift means transmitting an emotion

A personalized object proves the consideration given to the future owner. It surprises with its originality. But above all, it generates a particular emotion. Love, friendship, respect, no matter what you convey, you do it with heart. Laughter, tears, nostalgia, or pride, the object is always received in a unique way.

And here, we imagine you reminiscing about those trinkets made in primary school by your children, but which mean so much to you. As mentioned above, how many times have we forged the word “dad” on our knives? If you only knew… And “mom” too, by the way!

More commonly, you like to engrave the first name on the blade.

Making memories unforgettable

With the original drawings by Nicolas Peyron, you can immortalize a moment. Fishing, hunting trips will be honored with a fish or deer pictogram. Motorcycle outings will be represented by the chopper. As for your beloved, would you prefer the simple heart or the sublimated model?

More than an image, it’s a symbol of an era or life moments that you engrave forever on the personalized artisan knife.

Celebrating a special occasion

Celebrate a birthday. Why not accompany the challenging milestones of decades with a memorable engraving? 30 years? 60? No matter! Every time the person uses their knife bearing the emblem of their passion, it’s a part of their story they hold in their hands.

The personalized artisan knife carries the history of its materials and tells the story of its owner. Here, a touch of art enhances this already high-end product. So, artisan knives or works of art? You tell us!

FAQ – Article summary

  • What makes Morta wood unique for knife handles?

    Morta, preserved for 5,000 years in the Brière marshes, offers exceptional quality and a unique aesthetic to our knife handles. In fact, the peat gives it its unique ebony color with reflections, which varies from trunk to trunk.

    With use, the color takes on a patina. This extraordinary conservation makes each Morta wood handle distinct and steeped in history, reflecting the nobility and richness of this ancestral material.

  • What customization options are available for knife handles?

    To further personalize our knives, we offer options such as inlaying mammoth ivory and adding blue vulcanized fiber edging to the Morta handle.

    These personalization elements add a touch of uniqueness and elegance, making each personalized handcrafted knife a unique and original gift.

  • What personalization options are available for the blade of an artisan knife at Morta Knives?

    At Couteaux Morta, we offer a variety of options for personalizing the blade of your artisan knife. You can choose to engrave a name, a first name, or a symbolic word, reflecting your bond with the knife’s future owner.

    We offer different fonts, such as Charlie, Ronnie, Keith, Mick or Brian, to further personalize your message.

    What’s more, you have the option of adding a unique pictogram, created from the works of Nicolas Peyron, with a choice of positioning on the left or top of the blade.

    These personalization options make each knife a unique object and a precious gift, revealing the meticulous detail and quality craftsmanship of our creations.

  • Can you tell us more about the types of steel used in your knife blades?

    Our knives use high-quality steels. Sandvik 14c28n stainless steel is chosen for its remarkable sharpness and strength. Brut de forge 90mcv8 steel, loaded with carbon, is appreciated for its unique patina over time.

    Finally, our Damascus steel blades, made from RWL34 and PMC37, offer magnificent random patterns, combining aesthetics and functionality.

  • How is laser engraving used to personalize knives?

    Laser engraving enables our knives to be precisely and finely personalized. This modern technique is ideal for engraving initials, messages, or personalized designs on the blade or handle, creating a unique engraved knife, perfect for giving as a gift.

  • How can giving a personalized knife as a gift be special?

    Giving a personalized knife, engraved with care, is a unique way to celebrate special occasions like Mother’s or Father’s Day. It’s a gift that shows special care and can be personalized according to the recipient’s wishes, making each knife a lasting symbol of your affection.

  • How long does it take to deliver a personalized knife?

    If the knife is in stock, the average delivery time is 48 hours.Personalization is done immediately, in the workshop.To this must be added the time taken by the Post Office.

    Otherwise, allow 1 to 2 weeks.

  • I'd like to give a personalized knife as a present. Do you offer gift wrapping?

    Gift wrapping is not necessary. All our knives are delivered in a wax-sealed box, and a gift bag can be slipped into your parcel. The whole thing is much more elegant than classic gift-wrapping 😉

  • Can I have my personalized knife delivered directly to the recipient?

    Of course, just specify a delivery address different from the billing address when you place your order. We’ll take care of the rest 😉


Folding, fixed, table, damascus, forged, with fossilized mammoth ivory... the Morta Damascus knife is infinitely available, there is something for everyone.

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